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My name is Sonny Henegar, owner of 10-8 K-9 Specialties. I began my police dog training career in early 1987 and have spent the last two decades passionately dedicated to perfecting my talents as a dog trainer. Fortunately, from the beginning of my career, because of geographic location, timing and a little luck, I have been surrounded and mentored by some of the greatest minds in the police K-9 training industry. Although this network of trainers and myself all have our own unique methods and training programs, we continue to this day to share information, new ideas and street experiences in order to continuously evolve and improve our K-9 handlers and their dogs.

My experience in dog training is not limited to police dogs. I am a service and hearing dog trainer, personal protection, sport and pet dog trainer. I was president and founder of the National Association of Protection Dogs (N.A.P.D), this was the first biting dog sport created in America; expert witness, seminar speaker and the training director for Pro-Train Institute, a vocational dog trainers school.

My police dog program is a combination of solid proven training methods, real life experiences and common sense. I am a "tell it like it is" trainer and have high expectations for all my K-9 teams. Whether you are starting a new K-9 program or are interested in increasing the level of performance of your existing program, I look forward to hearing from you!


"Sonny at 10-8 K-9 Specialties is a man that knows his business. I started working with Sonny a few years ago and have known him longer by reputation. He is committed to providing only top quality working dogs to the working canine community. He has the ability to evaluate dogs and see their true potential. He consistently trains and acquires only top quality working dogs. He is a straight shooter and is not afraid to tell you the truth."

-Rick White, former Police K-9 Handler and owner of Patriot K9 International


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